2015 Mormon Lit Blitz Schedule

This Monday kicks off the fourth annual Mormon Lit Blitz, featuring twelve finalists over a two-week period. The schedule follows:

Monday, May 18th: Eric Jepson, “Angry Sunbeam”

Tuesday, May 19th: Heather Young, “Best Wedding Advice Ever”

Wednesday, May 20th: Tyler Chadwick, “Three Meditations on Fatherhood”

Thursday, May 21st: Scott Hales, “Child Star”

Friday, May 22nd: Emily Harris Adams, “Faded Garden”

Saturday, May 23rd: Katherine Cowley, “The Five Year Journal”

Monday, May 25th: Annaliese Lemmon, “Disability, Death, or Other Circumstance”

Tuesday, May 26th: William Morris, “The Joys of Onsite Apartment Building Management”

Wednesday, May 27th: Darlene Young, “Echo of Boy”

Thursday, May 28th: Lehua Parker, “Decorating Someone Else’s Service”

Friday, May 29th: Julia Jeffery, “Should Have Prayed for a Canoe”

Saturday, May 30th: Merrijane Rice, “Mother”

Voters will have the opportunity to vote for their top four pieces from June 1st to June 5th. Winners will be announced on Monday, June 8th.

Don’t be shy about sharing your favorite pieces with your friends!

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