2015 Lit Blitz Finalists

The Fourth Annual Mormon Lit Blitz will run May 18-30. We are pleased to announce this year’s finalists, listed by genre:


Annaliese Lemmon, “Disability, Death, or Other Circumstance”

Eric Jepson, “Angry Sunbeam”

Julia Jeffery, “Should Have Prayed for a Canoe”

Katherine Cowley, “The Five Year Journal”

Scott Hales, “Child Star”

William Morris, “The Joys of Onsite Apartment Building Management”


Darlene Young, “Echo of Boy”

Emily Harris Adams, “Faded Garden”

Merrijane Rice, “Mother”

Tyler Chadwick, “Three Meditations on Fatherhood”


Heather Young, “Best Wedding Advice Ever”

Lehua Parker, “Decorating Someone Else’s Service”


Thank you to all who submitted to this year’s contest. Please join us on this page to follow the finalists–and cast your vote.

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