Mormon Lit Blitz Finalists

In our previous announcements of semi-finalists, we included only titles to preserve blind judging. Now that our finalists have been selected, we’d like to congratulate our semi-finalists by name.

So thank you to Emily Harris Adams, Jake Balser, Jeanine Bee, Brandon Caudle, Judith Curtis, Emily Debenham, MacEvoy DeMarest, Deja Earley, Marianne Hales Harding, Wm Morris, Marilyn Nielson, Jonathon Penny, Merrijane Rice, Brittany Rytting, Kathryn Lynard Soper, Kerry Spencer, Doug Staker, Jeanna Mason Stay, Sandra Taylor, Bradford Tuckfield, Cassidy Wadsworth, Amelia Wallace, Terresa Wellborn, and Emily Younker for sharing their fine work.

After testing the semi-finalists with a sample set of likely readers, crunching numbers, rereading piece after piece, and debating back and forth like people with a great dessert menu but a strict calorie limit, we selected thirteen finalists (yes, we said we’d pick only twelve finalists, but were saved from a tough final cut when we remembered it’s Leap Year). They are:

“In Bulk” by Marilyn Nielson

“The Elder Who Wouldn’t Stop” by Wm Morris

“No Substitute for Chocolate” by Jeanna Mason Stay

“Second Coming” by Emily Harris Adams

“The Road Not Taken” by Sandra Tayler

“Stillborn” by Merrijane Rice

“Oil of Gladness” by Kathyrn Lynard Soper

“The Shoe App” by Emily Debenham

“Cada Regalo Perfecto” by Deja Earley

“The Gloaming” by Kerry Spencer

“Babel” by Jonathon Penny

“The Hearts of the Fathers” by Jeanine Bee

“Red Rock” by Marianne Hales Harding

The finalists will be published from Feburary 15th-29th and voting for the Grand Prize (and Kindle) will be open March 1st-15th.

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