Mormon Lit Blitz Contest Semi-Finalists (part two of four)

Out of 200 submissions, a panel of judges has selected 32 semi-finalists. Out of these 32, twelve will be selected to compete in the final round for audience votes and the prize Kindle.

Today, we announced eight more semi-finalists on Facebook and Twitter. As a recap, here they are:


She’d love to read about the “Mother and Baby” sculpture, but she’s got to stumble over her children just to get to the placard.

“Cada Regalo Perfecto”
Though unprepared, this poet seeks to give the best gifts.

“Second Coming”
Some simple advice for William Butler Yeats.

“She looked old, and he was old…”


“Oil of Gladness”
What it meant to one sister to carry a vial of consecrated oil in her purse.


A scholar in Babel wrestles with the loss of the old language.

“Count the Tear Stains on the Page”
Who do you talk to when you hate yourself?

“The Elder Who Wouldn’t Stop”
“He had seen too many companionships ruined over petty things. Had ruined a few of them himself. And this was not a mistake he was going to make again.”

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