Mormon Lit Blitz Contest Semi-Finalists (part one of four)

Out of 200 submissions, a panel of judges has selected 32 semi-finalists. Out of these 32, twelve will be selected to compete in the final round for audience votes and the prize Kindle.

Today, we announced eight semi-finalists on Facebook and Twitter. As a recap, here they are:


“Without Compulsory Means”
One of the most famous passages in the Doctrine & Covenants calls for persuasion through long-suffering and love. But how long will a couple have to suffer as they try to gently persuade their three-year-old son with Down Syndrome to make a change he doesn’t want?

“The Gloaming”
There’s day and there’s night, but there’s also twilight. There’s the world of the living and the world of the dead: but what’s in between?


“No Substitute for Chocolate”
Fathers’ Day brings calorie-laden sweets; Mother’s Day means flowers—and one more thing to take care of. That’s a cold, hard tradition one woman is determined to shake.

“Forgotten Memories”
If you could lock up memories that come unbidden, which would you choose to protect yourself from?

So, a man walks into the end of the world…and realizes he’ll have to improvise on that whole lamps-prepared-with-oil thing…


“The Cordwainer”

What a Montevideo cobbler didn’t know he taught one sister missionary.
“The New Beginning Ghazal”
A slice of Eden’s story contemplated in an ancient Iranian poetic form.

Where does faith fit when the most beautiful plans melt away?

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  1. Thanks for the opportunity to compete in the Mormon Lit Blitz. Good luck to all those who were semi finalists. I was wondering if you could give me some feedback on the piece I wrote. accidental meeting. I would like to improve my writing and be more competitive next year. Thanks for the opportunity. I will keep on writing.

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