2019 Mormon Lit Blitz Finalists

Finalists for the 8th Annual Mormon Lit Blitz will be posted here on lit.mormonartist.net from Monday, 1 July – Saturday, 13 July, according to the following schedule:

Monday, July 1: “Paradisaical Glory” by Katherine Cowley
Tuesday, July 2: “Before the Healing” by Merrijane Rice
Wednesday, July 3: “How Do We Make Sense of What Will Be When We Hold Remnants of What Once Was?” by Steven Peck
Thursday, July 4: “Separation” by Mark Penny
Friday, July 5: “Un dios en quien confiar” by Gabriel González Núñez
Saturday, July 6: “The Casting Out of Spirits” by Jeanine Bee

Monday, July 8:“The Seven Deadly Housewarmers” by Emily Harris Adams
Tuesday, July 9: “The Investigator” by Jeanine Bee
Wednesday, July 10: “The Hills of Heaven” by Scott Hales
Thursday, July 11: “As minhas férias na ilha de Santo Antão” by César Augusto Medina Fortes
Friday, July 12: “Remnant” by Sarah Dunster
Saturday, July 13: “Low Tide” by Merrijane Rice

Audience voting for the Grand Prize Winner will take place July 15-18.

Thank you to everyone who submitted to this year’s Mormon Lit Blitz and congratulations to the finalists!

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